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45.7° There's the mental side of every day, the positive ideas and planning.  Then there's the physical reality.  That can slam down all the positive sunshine thoughts.  Today was low-grade buzz dragging at me, the fallout from a fun weekend and work-week.  My legs felt wooden in the morning.  A persistent headache clung on through mid-afternoon.  The tiredness never let go.

The fun thing was late afternoon when I sat and watched Olympics with Ian on one side and Anika on the other.  They both crashed out.  I slouched on the couch and we all napped in a pile :).  Not long, but it helped shake the fog a little bit.

Through it all, I did chores and cleaned the kitchen and took the kids to the park.  A challenge is that life does not slow down even when everything in me would like a long long nap.  Or two.

Enough for today.  Stage one in Pixie creation today. :)

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