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Free to Be Summer

20120701-230055.jpg Oh, summer, you wild and free child. I want you to stay young, stay here, forever. Today we left for the park as the air cooled and the sun dipped toward the trees.

I have been wrapped up in a big deadline. Our story has been a "later, later, later" narrative. We have all waited for summer to arrive for real. And this weekend I finally felt summer stretch under our skin like a cat on a sunny windowsill. We played.

Well, they played. And my play was photographing them. I wasn't on the sidelines trying to get tons of work done in a tiny amount of time. I got to hang out with them, help them get across the monkey-bars (a feat I never never accomplished). It was a treat to slow down. Watch them swing. Listen to their "Watch this, watch this. Mom, watch this."

Beauty in small moments.

I have a lot more to write of course. Adventures to share. And the usual challenges. But I'm loving the sweet, summer sunshine with my family. We are back to little plans of library visits and evening parks. And small is grand :)

I better get some sleep- tomorrow we might go to river :)

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