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Change of Seasons

We have two more days of spring until the solstice, but we are in full summer-splendor around here. I languish poolside with long-neglected books. 20120619-092131.jpg

And, yes, those are my feet- my Barbie Doll Feet as I have called them since childhood. High arches and curled toes, just right for high high heels except I would fall over in a heartbeat! Maybe if I could sit and look glamourous all evening :).

*by the way, nothing to do with summer, but a few recent books that I read featured heroines with charming clumsiness- falling into hero's arms or embarrassing themselves in front of a crowd. Hurrah for the clumsy girls! Except they somehow lose their clumsiness with love (I guess) because they stop falling. Instead, they wear lovely high heels to work! Um, not fair. And not true (real life clumsy girls choose flats- pretty flats).

Anyway, we have loved summer so far! Anika invites a friend and the neighbor kids climb over the fence and we have pool parties and yard parties. We barbecue and eat outside. We toast marshmallows for s'mores.


The kids even went night swimming!


We went to the ice cream shop after dinner.


Giovanni takes the kids with their bikes to the track in the evening. Anika learned to ride her two-wheeler!



An easy-going, blissful summer. If I forget the mad-work I am constantly juggling for my big project. I should be done with that next week, though, so I can soak up to summer fun without constant worries about next week's deadline. Eep.

Another adventure yesterday was a big leap for me. I haven't cut my hair since Giovanni lost his job- felt like an unnecessary expense. Even though it was my Christmas gift, to get a haircut. Well, with swimming and the heat, I had enough. And Anika has been working on the cancer book as a model, so that got me thinking about Locks of Love. (See, even when we need community-help as people with disabilities, we still want to help others. We are appreciative and entirely capable of giving back to the community, too :)). I knew I wanted to give my hair to a child in need. And yesterday was the big day for big changes. 20120619-093718.jpg

Oh my! Anika misses my long hair. She says that I don't look like me. But it grows quickly. And it feels so easy now. Summertime free!

And perhaps the feng shui of it all will let someone call with a job offer for my husband (please, please, please). We would so appreciate a change in the jobless season! *It's like the 7 year winter in Game of Thrones- our year and a half unemployed season. I would welcome that change!

We're off for the solstice on a family camping adventure at Big Sur. We reserved a canvas tent because the work makes camping not-fun for me these days. But we'll be under the trees by a river. You can find me on Instagram @lenkaland if you want all of the photos (and if we have a signal). A bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins are going. Another epic adventure. After picking Mom up from the airport today and After sending off Big Project Illustrations and After packing. Phew, I'm exhausted already. :)

In such a good way :)

Love love love summer!


Free to Be Summer

Camping Pioneer Style