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Yesterday was not a good day for smart-me.  I like to share my good moments, but I must share the stumbles, too, to keep things authentic.  So we have lovely weather, a breath of spring in January, and I was sitting outside with Ian playing on his bike.  The sun was glorious.  And I thought, that cabin of the kids is in a bad spot.  Oh, look, no weeds in winter, maybe I can shove it closer to the swing set. It's taller than me, plastic, but heavy.  My test shove worked.  I kept shoving and tugging it to a better spot.  Ha, look at me, strong and capable!

Then we walked towards the house and the path was covered by broken roses.  The roses are wild, having been neglected since I was pregant with Ian.  The November snow cracked and snapped them.  It's only a few feet of path, I thought, the kids need to ride their bikes.  Easy to clear.  I had a surge of energy.  I like to take advantage of those energy-surges.

I get the big foot long clippers that turn out to be terrible-dull.  I have to twist and yank many of the branches loose.  And my little task turns into a huge pile of thorny, brittle stalks.  And the weather is making the roses bud again- tiny leaves and new growth.  No, no, no, not until I tame you :).

Anyway, I pile it into the Yard-Waste-Bin, even the giant chunk of thorny wood that was an entire stalk dead at the roots.  Drag that bin back into place beside the house.

And it felt good.  Powerful.  Who has health challenges now?  Ha, not me!  I can do anything!

I'll even rest a couple of hours to recover.  Mighty me :)

Ha.  Ouch.  Paying today.  Muscles in my arms are angry-sore.  Feet siren-loud-ache. And everywhere is a crushing-tired.  Standing is heavy work.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Again, it isn't what I can do with CMT.  It's what I should do.

Always less than I want to do.  A battle of will and ability,  Limitations I must create and respect before I bad things happen.

Ian found me.  Another day :)

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