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Anika Knitting

Anika learned how to knit!  Oh, the fun we'll have now :)

I learned to knit from the Great Aunt Mary, my grandmother's sister, who made us sweaters every year as she knit her way through English winters.  She visited in the summer-time and in the week where I visited Grandma and Grandpa, she taught me knitting.  My mom taught me a lot, too, as she is an incredible knitter (Ian's blue-striped sweater is one creation).  As a kid, I knit sweaters for my dolls mostly.  In high school I started knitting hats.  Mostly patterns that I made up.  I can't knit very much now.  Fingers go numb.  But I'm excited to see the tradition pass to the next generation.  Sweet!

Podcast Blues

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb