Welcome! Lenkaland shares my adventures in creative photography, raising two kids, writing, living with chronic illness, raising a daughter with dyslexia, and swimming with mermaids. Hope you have a nice stay!

Family looks likeDriving home and we see bunnies running across our driveway A playset And ice cream And planets And love Family sounds like A good joke A river Like peace like kinda quiet birds Water smashing against rocks And family sounds like a mouse Family tastes like ice cream, chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream Like chocolate cake on my birthday And strawberries And a chocolate bar And more strawberries And eating at Lin Q Buffet Family smells like bike riding at Memorial Park Like the outdoors Playing at Pioneer Park And then chocolate cookies And lemon bars fresh out of the oven A sweet house Family feels like holding a puppy, like TWO soft puppies Family is my bedroom Fairyland For sure my bedroom . . . Playing with you

Written by students in my k-1 homeschool class.

Mind Over Matter Madness

Challenge, Day 2