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Mind Over Matter Madness

Why oh why did I issue myself a challenge this week?  So far we've been out and about every night.  I had stacks of at-home tasks for school.  We're going out of town this weekend.  And yet I want to add more to the plate.  Well, writing's important too.  Last night.  We watch a show that I usually like.  Yet they staged a challenge where contestants had to conquer a seemingly impossible physical feat.  Most could mind-over-matter and succeed.  But one contestant had doctors involved with serious questions about his participation and yet . . . yet he pushed through because they said that he couldn't and he had to prove that he could.  They cheered as he crossed the finish line.  A shining moment. 

Why do we need to celebrate mental strength over physical limitations?  Why is there this message that if we have the will, the determination, the sheer dominance over our physical self, than we can accomplish anything? If we want it enough, we can run any distance, conquer any mountain.  Right?

Where is the respect?  Where is the dialogue between mind and body-self?  Where is the give? 

Having physical limitations myself, I am sensitive to the madness of mind-over-matter.  There is an underlying message of choice that I feel is dangerous.  Somehow, these messages reinforce (while trying to celebrate triumphant successes), somehow people with physical limitations must choose their smaller boundaries because if they had the mental fortitude, the will, than they could and would overcome these challenges.  To surrender is to fail.

Made me a little sad.  I want to see the hero who changes course mid-stream, who realizes that this chosen goal is not realistic, who re-assesses and adapts.  That would be worth celebrating. 

And speaking of challenges, here I made myself a challenge, 7 posts in 7 days, that on day 3 (or is it 4?) feels arbitrary and counter-productive.  I should be sleeping :).  I'll take the best of both worlds.  Post posted and now off to bed!

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