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Challenge, Day 2

I thought this would be my chance to write until I saw Ian crawling half asleep over the bed towards me.  So now I type with one hand in the dark as he sleeps on me.  Yes, I am an attachment parent.  He's learned to pull to standing:

Ian Stands

He doesn't know how to stop moving.  Last night I caught him crawling out of the bed at least twice.  We have a cosleeper so he's safe, but still, I'm awake by the time he settles back down.  Phew!

Busy day today with work, faculty meeting, Mother's Day poems and projects, performance for families on Thursday and, oh, zoo trip wiith Anika tomorrow.  Better get me and little man to bed. 

A week of posts day 2, in the dark with restless baby but still typing.  Hurrah!

Dragonfly Family Poem