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Draft Horse Classic 2018

Draft Horse Classic 2018

Visiting the Draft Horses at the Nevada County Fairgrounds is a yearly treat. Being invited to document, and having official barn passes, so we can see the teams getting ready before the show, is an absolute treasure. For safety’s sake, the public clears away from the barns while teams prepare for each show. We enjoying sharing the behind-the-scenes preparation that goes into each and every draft horse team. We have some fun stories to share in the coming weeks.

We heard many requests to share as many images as possible. With that in mind, this year we have extensive galleries to share here: https://lenkalandphotography.pixieset.com/drafthorseclassic2018/

If you know any of the folks in the photos, please share with them.

One of the big surprises at this year’s Draft Horse Classic was a wedding proposal for one of the California Cowgirls in the ring. I have a longer post planned with more photos. Spoiler alert, she said yes :)

California Cowgirls at the Draft Horse Classic at the Nevada Cou

We noticed the teamwork this year. Both the horses and their people had to rely on one another and work together to show their best selves. We also valued the workers, performers, and volunteers at the fairgrounds who work so hard to keep everyone safe and enjoy the event. What a lot of teamwork!

Another observation this year, both as we documented by the ring, then once I got home, was how many horses look directly at us as they pass by in the ring. Almost as though they enjoy the attention, like they are saying, “Are you catching my good side? Don’t I look fantastic?” Why, yes, yes you do.

The horses genuinely get into the showmanship of being in the ring.

Lastly, we tried to show how the ground stirs (think of the scene in Jurassic World with the water glass, except these giants are gentle :)) when horses pass. Especially the teams of six cause a rumble with thunderous noise as they go past. Each team starts walking, then breaks into a faster gait which is something to behold.

Ok, one more thing. The owners of these horses are so kind to their animals. The horses are pampered and groomed and given lots of pats and encouragement. The relationships that people share with their horses shine at the event.

Thank you to everyone caring for the horses and supporting the Draft Horse Classic. Enjoy the photos!

Stay tuned for details about next year’s event here: http://nevadacountyfair.com/draft-horse-classic/

We will see you there!

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Nevada City in Autumn

Nevada City in Autumn