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Today was a good day.  And it's important to take notice of the good days, too.  Because having a chronic condition can be very scary.  And for those people just learning about a CMT diagnosis, it's important to hear that there are better days, too.  It's not all doom and gloom.

I did notice how the first hour of the day hurts as I stretch my legs and get the blood flowing again.  I know there are splints that some people wear overnight, but it seems like it would be hard to sleep with my feet all rigid.  So the stretching's fine.

And I made a witch!  My hand went numb within a few stitches, those numb-ribbons under my skin again, but I didn't mind.  She's worth it.

We stuck around the house except for an outing to get two goldfish.  Ian's first pet.  He picked the littlest white one with an orange spot on its head.  The fish's name is Fishy.  Of course :).  Anika's orange fish with black spots on the tail is named CoCo Hope.

And yes, I had moments of pain, but they didn't overshadow the fun today.  That makes today what I call a very good day :)

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