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Today was satisfying. Busy, but satisfying. I walked this path today.

We have a farmshare that we pick up weekly at the farm.  Some days, this path seems long.  And I don't like seeing people coming the other way because I have to step off onto uneven ground.  But today, the path was beautiful.  I took it slow.  And it was fine.

Teaching day.  I woke early and I felt the stresses of yesterday tight in my legs.  I have to stretch, every morning, just so my heels touch the ground.  I am a toe-walker.  I have a new strategy of sitting on the bed for a few minutes before standing.  I stretch my super-tight Achille's tendons and get my balance oriented.  Makes those first steps a little less challenging.

Ian went to his new preschool fine (big boy!).  At school we had a tea party with the kids.  They loved it.  The day was busy (no breaks, really) but the kids left happy, which always feels good.  I prepped next week's homework, cleaned, then picked up Anika at her playdate and we both went to my class' party by the lake.

The pain found me driving again.  Grumbling, wrapping around my feet pain.  Oh well.  I remembered why I don't take more medication.  Because I don't want to mask the symptoms.  I need to keep the feedback-loop authentic, so I can know when to rest.  Then I just need to listen (ha).  But, really, if I muffle all of the symptoms, I don't know how to keep my choices healthy.  That's the idea, anyway.  Not sure how well it's working.

So the walk at the farm saw me limping.  Then we were out of food at home, and I wanted felt for the Fairy Craft witches, so evening errands.  Serious limping by the time I got home.  A little melt-down at the store as I lost patience with my family meandering around when I just wanted to get home.  Now.

Not a big deal.  I just got a little prickly.

At home, I did drop a bottle of Method counter cleaner on my foot when I opened a cabinet.  Not a big drop, but still.  It hurt!

All in a day's fun.  Now, time to turn off the technology and watch a movie with the kids.

A good day :)

Finally calming down now.  Easy plans for tomorrow.  Swim.  Play at home.  Make witches :)

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