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Today was not about me. I can't give details for confidentiality.  I can say that I used my first aide training.  Twice.  Everyone will recover, but today opened a window that I often keep closed. I have the window slightly open, given my tendency to fall, or develop new health concerns overnight.  But really, seeing the big stuff, I noticed the chasm between everyday life and our fragile selves.  We cannot go through life like cracked-eggs, concerned about every possible misstep.  At the same time, each day is a gift.  We like to think our footing on this side of the chasm is secure.  That it will take something big to shove us from safe and whole to broken and hurting.  But truth is that the chasm is an illusion.  All we need is one appointment, one symptom, one fall . . .

And everything changes.  So my take-away today is vast appreciation for the health that I have today.  And wishes for everyone to be safe and whole.  Or healing.

We are fragile wonders.

All of us.

Day 28

Day 26