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Let me share today backwards.  It even works :) 9:46: Brushed kids teeth and tucked into bed.  Too late, I know, but I had good reasons.



Dinner was a bowl of granola at 8:30 (see, I told you that today works backwards)

Grocery shopping

4H Community Meeting with Anika until 7pm (the reason they are in bed so late now)

Small snack bowl of cereal

Pick up Harvest Fair Art by Students.  They needed more blue ribbons so I had to wait awhile.

Pick up Anika after Dance Class

Visit with a Friend and Entertain Ian

Pick up Ian at 12:15

Lunch/Breakfast (forgot to eat breakfast)

Record Right Click Podcast with Giovanni

Update Baby Moon Webpage

Polish Forest Fairy Craft Proposal

Skim emails and answer as many as possible

Drop Anika off at school

Drop Ian off at school

Make kid lunches

6:13 alarm sounds

oh my.

Day 27

Day 25