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I felt like I had a tough workout yesterday.  Aches and sore muscles.  Except . . . you guessed it, no workout. No nothing.  Strange.  I better not be catching the kids' cold.  I do not want that! Other than that, a pretty mellow day.  No major drama.  I got fussy by the evening, probably because I felt so wore out.  But that isn't new, either.

I had fun sharing fairy-kits with a friend who is hosting a fairy party on Friday.  And I updated my aunt's website.  Put away clutter on the dining room table.  Brought artwork from three classes at school to be displayed at a local Harvest Faire.  Read books with Ian and Anika.  And posted my fancy fairies on the Fairy Craft website here.

Teaching day tomorrow so I better get my rest :).  I'm at the crest of the roller coaster hill . . . I might as well enjoy the ride :)


Day 22

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