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I can't write much today.  My hand is mad again.  This time, the nerve along the thumb.  Looks like the radial nerve pinching.  Pain along the top of my hand.  I fixed up the Fairy Crafts book proposal (fingers crossed!).  That was a bunch of clicking.  Played some Sims 3- not good for me but fun :).  And then we had my cousin's wedding reception this past weekend and I just have to share photos.  I still have a bunch.  Part of my pacing-plan is to break it into smaller chunks.  That way I can still feel successful without over-stretching myself.

I have such a hard time when my idea of fun is my system's idea of stress.  Oh well.

I was good, too, watched TV and read a book.  I didn't feel the Crash so dramatic today.  I was still craving quiet, but I felt a lot better too.

Enough typing. :)

I will be good.  I will :)

Day 21

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