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40.3° One of those days.  In a workshop all day where I couldn't shake the cold.  Then home to chores which could not be finished.  Laundry covers the couch.  Tired hit about 2:30pm, making the rest of the day a big effort.  Irritation set in.  Then Ian figured out how to climb out of his crib and he didn't want to sleep and I offered to trade.  He could stay up and play if I could go to sleep :).  Except Anika had homework that needed me :).

Too much going on for one day.  Luckily tomorrow should be mellow.  Staff meetings in the afternoon.  But I'll try to slow down in the morning.  After getting this pile of laundry put away.  I am so not good at walking away from half-finished tasks.

Congratulations! You have a Disability!

Autism Spectrum: A Day with Applied Behavior Analysis