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Ghosts of Bridgeport

The week before Halloween was full of excitement. On Sunday, we found the Ghosts of Bridgeport at a Fall Festival!

No, they aren't the ghosts. Just awesome draft horses. We got to ride in the cart. These horses are majestic and amazing!

The ghosts staged a show in this old, dusty barn. The barn featured relics from forgoteen times, like this massive press. Not sure what it was meant for- because the show was in front of it. But we will have to go back to figure it out. Any ideas?

The festival was on the banks of the Yuba River, at a State Park hard hit by budget cuts. The volunteers came out in force to create a wonderful outdoor experience for children (and adults). Anika and Ian loved painting pumpkins.

Anika dressed up as Draculaura (inspired by my costume the night before). She did her own fancy makeup. And she let me give her pony-tails! She usually pulls hairbands right out of her hair, and I love little girl ponies :)

Ian was very serious about his pumpkin-painting. He used dark colors, painted the stem. Then announced, "Done."

One of our mighty horse-friends as we waited to board the cart. These horses worked hard. Yet they also seemed to love the adventure. They work as a team and only one does the braking to slow the cart down. Like any athletes, they seemed to enjoy the work-out.

Another fun craft was hanging ghosts with foam sticker decorations at the end of streamers. This simple activity delighted Ian.

I have to give a shout-out hello to Vicky! Hi Vicky! She reads Lenkaland and recognized us from photos of Anika and Ian. So fun to meet people who know our story!

Last year my mom went to the event with us and it inspired her to go to trainings and become a volunteer docent herself. This year she volunteered for the raffle table. She helped Ian and Anika enter a few tickets for prizes.

And Ian won!

He won me the coffee basket. Hurrah! Locally roasted beans and a mug that says it all. Life is good!

More play with his ghost.

Afterwards, we stopped for Slushies. The kids drank them at the park as the sun dipped behind trees. A lovely autumn day!

I used my crutch. Again. And needed to recover. Again.

But it was so worth the effort. Again.

I am grateful for all of the volunteers working to keep our state parks alive. Seeing children get out into nature and learn about history while having fun is so valuable. We need to keep our public spaces funded. Days like this create lasting memories for the next generation.

One day I will go back and take river photos to show the beautiful scenery right beside this festival. I take it for granted living here. A truly beautiful place.

I hope your day creates awesome memories :)

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