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Become Art

Become Art


Enchanting Body Art with Alison Kenyon Oh hello, amazing opportunity! I am teaming up with Alison Kenyon of Body Masterpiece for a handful of inspired sessions. Work with her to create epic art, then I take keepsake photographs. What an adventure!

Alison is going to be on the next season of Skin Wars for her incredible body painting. Now you can work with her for your own personalized session. She will work with you to create magic. She can create just about anything, from realistic (or fantastic) animal-themed paintings, to homage landscapes inspired by art or popular culture. Let's make art together!

Behind the Scenes with Alison Kenyon of Body Masterpiece Bodyart

From Alison's Facebook Page:

"Looking for a truly unique, creative, and sexy gift for your beloved this Valentine's day?

Give the ULTIMATE boudoir photo-- in body paint! Each appointment will include a custom body art masterpiece, a professional studio photo shoot by Lenkaland Photography, and a lustrous pro print.

Book now to allow plenty of time to design your tailor made creation, and deliver your pro print in time for Valentine's day.

Pm me for details, pricing, and to arrange your booking. Couples appointments also available.

View more examples of my work here: http://www.bodymasterpiece.com"

We are excited for these sessions! Star Wars theme? Mermaid theme? Garden? Forest? What inspires you?

Visiting the Snow

Visiting the Snow

Favorite Mermaid Images of 2015

Favorite Mermaid Images of 2015