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Visiting the Snow

Visiting the Snow


Welcome to ten images for the tenth of the month. 10 on 10 is inspiration to curate photos that tell a story about our real lives. I have joined a talented group of photographers who will be showcasing 10 lifestyle photographs every month of the year. We are belatedly putting away Christmas decorations today. We are cleaning house and recovering from our first full week of the new year. The past few weeks have been wet and cold. We did have the chance one day to dig all of our snow-gear out of the hall closet for a twenty minute drive up to the snow. We packed the sleds (just in case). And left for our adventure. The puppy needed to play, we said. And he'd never seen snow on the ground.

Children and puppy play and sled in the Sierra snow

Ian let Chewie taste the snow on his boot.

Happy kids in the Sierra snow

Anika and Ian were thrilled to visit the snow! That... and the puppy wrapped the leash around their legs, which was "hilarious!"

Kids untangle the leash that puppy wrapped around them

Untangling the leash. Bringing Chewie to the snow was a big adventure!

Eating snow. Sister is not amused.

Ian had to eat snow. Even while I tried for "just one regular smile". Sister was amused (not).

Anika wearing a custom hat by the Woodcutter's Daughter in the Sierra snow

The beautiful vista with my beautiful girl. Her hat is by The Woodcutter's Daughter. Her favorite hat in the world (mine too!).

Anika wearing a custom hat by the Woodcutter's Daughter in the Sierra snow

Photographing a small white dog on white snow is quite tricky. And he wouldn't stand still! So much to explore :)

I understand, Chewie. It's a big world. Have fun!

Lhasa Apso puppy in the snow

The snow was packed hard because the former storm was a couple of days before. The kids did not care at all. They wanted to sled! Anika gave Ian a gentle "kick-start" push to get going.

Sister gives her brother a gentle "kick-start" when sledding

Once the sun went down, and pants were soaked, and memories made, we walked back to the car.

Kids and puppy walk in the snow

And Ian appreciated the view (hopefully) as he chatted about hot cocoa and the next trip up to the mountains.

A boy and a snowy vista in the Sierra Foothills

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Snow Day from Lenka Vodicka on Vimeo.

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