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A Spark in the Darkness

What is your spark in the darkness?  Mine is creativity.  In the tough hours of the day, I pull through by writing stories in my thoughts, imagining projects.  I don't have to make anything, just dream of things :) Today, my daughter and I found this book

Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations

Whimsical Projects!  And Christmas!  We have plans . . . :)

Usually I save Christmas for after Thanksgiving on principle.  Just because it isn't right to skip one holiday in front of another.  But I love Christmas.  And this year pacing is more important than ever.  And I will make things because I love making things.

So this year, I'm letting Christmas sneak ahead in line.  I love Thanksgiving, too.  The more holidays, the better :)

I'll post pictures of our creations :)

Creativity makes me happy.  Sends sparks into the darkness.  So that light is real again :)

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