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A Better Day

Yesterday and today are getting better. Hurrah! This week was simple, as health goes. Simple procedures. Not simple diagnosis, but not surgical or life-threatening treatments. Although, with health concerns, you never know. I felt that this week. I thought of infections, reactions.  I thought about the whole unknown world under my skin. I felt mortality this week. Not in a scary sense, but I feel as though I can hold my life in my hands, the days and moments of it all, the complete fragile story all at once. And it feels as precious as a snowflake. Melting even as I hold my breath in awe. So beautiful.

I cannot live every day with the intensity of the last day.  I cannot hold that appreciation day after day.

Still, I realized don't wait.  Don't wait for life to happen.  I'll write my stories.  I'll figure out ways to travel.  I'll play games with my kids.  I'll use the day well.  I'll do chores, too, because that is part of living well.  But I don't want to muffle days and weeks with obligations.  I want to live out loud :)

Which was my second realization.  Make the effort.  I am tired.  I am so tired and I hurt but the efforts to get out and experience life are worth the effort.  Balance is very important.  But there is a joy in this work.  Living.

Parenting.  Of creating the world for my children day after day.  Even though it may seem endless.  The effort is worth everything.


And the cliché things are true.  Family.  Friends.  Laughter.  Love.  Lots and lots of love :)

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