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A Different Image

Instead of chasing, I should have found an underwater picture :).

My zero-inbox plan lasted one day.  I have 97 emails to go through from the past four days- yikes!  Clutter in every corner of the house.  We are winning the Christmas tree marathon.  Ours is standing proud, blinking colored lights in the window :).  A lingering cold pesters me with constant headaches.  All in all, back to the routines :).  Ian's bedtime routine is gone, speaking of routines.  So it's harder than ever to get to the computer to write.  But I need this creative space, even for the rough edges, especially the rough edges, because I am reminded of balance here.

On the positive side of life, I am editing Dirt, Lord of All Things Dark and Mysterious to publish indie-style.  Kindle and Pubit for Nook right now are my plans.  A friend is going through it for errors and my Mom agreed to help (yay Mom) so that's all happening backstage.  Kids at school are practicing Peter Pan.  Another crazy escapade, but they are so excited and happy so it's worth the effort :).  I'm considering publishing the script indie-style for schools everywhere because it really is a fun production.

I managed to take and edit Christmas Dress photos, so those are at the end of the post.

Busy as ever.  But I must keep finding my way here.  My rock.  Last winter inspired me to start this blog and those stormy skies are overhead again.  Cold, cold, cold.  Fussy.  Does fatigue make us feel colder?  I wonder . . .

Anyway, kiddos are getting restless in the bath.  Five minutes.  Over :)

A Day at the Beach

Happy New Year