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Happy New Year

I am a few steps behind.  Days behind.  Ideas behind :). We had the best of holidays with family and travel and the abundance of joy.  Happy times.  Busy times.  And now we're back to school with alarms and lunches and emails.  I am working hard to stay on top of little things before they become big overwhelming things.  So I arrived here after answering pressing emails and reading lots of status updates on Facebook.  This whole cyber-world gets huge when you step away for awhile.  But back to routines.  I have so many photos to share.

Ever feel like this?

Ian Hopes to Catch Anika

I want to do less of this.  Chasing.

And more of this.

Walking on the Sand

Enjoying the moment.  Being together.  Sand and seashores are good, too.

Happy New Year!

A Different Image

Ian Plays Blah!