Welcome to a Dream Come True!

Mermaids are real. We want new merfriends to experience the magic and joy of becoming a mermaid.

Anika loves sharing how fun it is to swim with her mermaid tail. She answers questions and demonstrates kicks at every pool and river that she visits. She loves sharing stories about the joy of being a mermaid.

The questions always lead to one question, "Can we try?"

A Young Mermaid with her new Mermaid Tail

This gave us an idea. We need Mermaid Swim Lessons. These lessons introduce a merfriend to swimming with a mermaid tail. How do you stand with a fin on your feet? How do you kick across the pool?

Mermaids love to swim. As they gain confidence, they love learning a trick or two. Spins, flips, handstands.

Seeing photographs afterwards? Well, that's the sparkle in the water. Because being a mermaid is magical. And mermaids underwater have a calm and beauty that's breathtaking.

Anika the Mermaid Swimming with her FinFun Mermaid Tail

This summer, we are creating a Mermaid Experience. And a Mermaid VIP Experience.

The Mermaid Experience with Underwater Photography

Imagine arriving at a beautiful saltwater pool under tall pine trees. Where your child meets a real mermaid. The mermaid teaches safety and mermaid tricks. Then your child (and you if you like) gets to swim for an hour as a mermaid! Anika the Mermaid is thirteen years old and she loves being a mermaid! Your child borrows one of our mermaid tails (colors are limited). And a professional photographer documents underwater images of your child underwater. You receive a digital gallery with (at least) 10 images (with optional privacy controls) to remember your underwater adventure forever. What an unforgettable adventure! Your child's mermaid dreams come true and you have stunning underwater images of the adventure. A photoshoot unlike anything else! Want to keep your mermaid tail? The VIP Experience is for you!

Early Booking Gift! Until June 1, 2017, all inquiries receive a complimentary book featuring images from your session that your child can enjoy forever. The best mermaid story features your child living the dream. This gift is valued at $75. The memories inside the book are priceless!

The VIP Mermaid Experience with Underwater Photography

Imagine arriving at a private pool to find a gift wrapped with shiny ribbons. Inside the gift is your very own mermaid tail that you get to keep forever! Not only that, you get to jump right in with a mermaid swim lesson with Anika, a thirteen year old mermaid! You get two hours to swim (a leap or two off of the diving board is optional). You enjoy snacks and refreshments. And Lenka, a professional photographer, documents the experience both above and below the water. You receive a gallery with at least 50 images, optional privacy controls, and movie montage with licensed music. Anika shares tips for the care and keeping of your mermaid tail. When you book your session, let us know what color to have waiting here (all colors are at FinFunMermaid). We order the monofin and cover which you get to keep forever. You can also order a matching swimming suit or accessory for cost and shipping. Soon after your session, digital images are collected on a flash drive with a print release. Make memories of a lifetime! And keep the adventure going all summer with your own mermaid tail.

Early Booking Gift! Until June 1, 2017, all inquiries receive a complimentary book featuring images from your session that your child can enjoy forever. The best mermaid story features your child living the dream. This gift is valued at $75. The memories inside the book are priceless!

Send us an inquiry to reserve your underwater adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are seasons available? Sessions are available June-August in our outdoor pool. If you have an indoor, heated pool, we can visit year-round. Please contact us if you live farther than 30 miles from Nevada City.

Can we bring friends? For now, we have one tail in each size for lessons. We will invest in more tails over time. Sharing a tail with a friend is very difficult. If you choose the VIP Experience, where you get to keep your tail, we can talk about including a friend for a reasonable rate. Siblings who want to swim without a tail are welcome to join you, just be aware that they may be in the background of your photographs.

Anika the Mermaid Swimming with a Friend

Are there age limits? We want to give everyone a chance to be a mermaid. For the very young, a helper needs to be in the water with them at all times. This is connected more to their swimming abilities than their age. Very young children (younger than six) can feel overwhelmed when their feet are being held together in a flipper. They may not enjoy the experience of learning a new way to swim. Parents know their children best. On the other end, some of our most enthusiastic mermaids are tweens, teens, and adults. For guests comfortable in the water, we give a very brief overview of mermaid tail care and safety. They get freedom to swim and take photos.

What swimming skills are needed to be a mermaid? Mermaids need to know how to hold their breath. Mermaids will need to go underwater (unless a parent is constantly holding them). Mermaids need to know how to safely take a breath while swimming. We do have a shallow end (approximately 3.5 feet) where we encourage mermaids to become comfortable swimming. Most swimmers take to the mermaid tail quickly. We always emphasize safety while learning.

How are the photos delivered? Lenka is a professional photographer. She loves underwater imagery. You receive a digital gallery with your images. You have a custom password that allows you to you download your images.The VIP session receives a flash drive with digital images. Lenka supports you having prints for you to keep and display. Albums are available, starting at $75.

What if we have a pool at our house? Will you travel? If you live within 30 miles of Nevada City, and your pool isn't freezing cold, we are happy to visit your pool. We love to travel! We will visit pools outside the thirty miles for travel compensation (please inquire for exact amount).

What about public pools? Can we meet at a public pool in my town? Public pools can be very tricky for mermaids. The water in public pools is usually highly chlorinated, which looks murky in photographs. You may not have room to swim freely. You share the mermaid experience with everyone in the pool. Some pools have rules regarding mermaid tails. Considering all of those factors, you may have a lovely public pool nearby. Send us an inquiry so we can chat about details.

Do you shoot movies? Yes! I love mermaids in motion! I create a montage video with licensed music for each VIP session. The movie is included on your flash drive.

What if I have a mermaid tail? What if I want a photo session? We know many mermaids! All of them appreciate gorgeous and poetic images for their social media (not to mention copies for themselves). We are happy to work with you to create magic. Send us an inquiry and we will put together a custom session.

Does Anika visit parties? Anika loves mermaid parties! She has that natural charm that connects with young children. Please send us an inquiry if you would like her to appear at your party.