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Yummy Felt Donuts

The donuts, complete with magic sparkly sprinkles! Breakfast Treats

Monika's Donut with Sprinkles

Anika's Donut with Sprinkles

We have ideas for next time, of course.  We'll make the chocolate ring bigger so it has more poof to it.  Anika has also tugged one of her sprinkles loose so I need stronger knots for the little kids.  The directions that we used are here.  Thank you for posting them!

For the girls, the snipping and tucking in the middle seemed unnessary, especially since the frosting covered up most of that seam.  Next time I'll have them just sew the inside together with a whip stitch.  Overall, a great pattern with fun results!  Stuffed animals are feasting this morning :)

First Kitty

Our Ice Cream