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Working through the Week

Catching up with everyday life.  Two days of teaching.  I love this time of year especially.  Kids understand and trust me.  We have fun together.  This year, I know many of them are coming back for first grade again, so I can enjoy the time without feeling that wave of impending loss ahead when they move on. Happy birthday Paul!  It's my brother's birthday.  33 years old.  We went to the local hang-out, the Northridge Restaurant.  Had my Popeye pizza with spinach and pine nuts.  Yummy.  Anika was delighted about her uncle's birthday.  She made him a card and told everyone at school about her uncle's bithday today.  So sweet.  I remember Paul and I as kids.  Never thought our kids would be celebrating our birthdays :)

Anika doesn't have school tomorrow- a random break day.  Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can get out and enjoy the day.  Hopefully I feel up to the adventure.

Amazing how my short work week still has quite an impact on my energy levels.  It's fun though, so I need to keep building scaffold techniques.  The brace is helping.  I might try both braces just for work, to see if that makes a difference.  Always adapting and trying new things . . .  Creativity at work :)

This weekend we're planning a live show at 2pm Pacific Time.  Tune in and call :)


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