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Wild Little Trip

We had a mini-trip planned for Friday night. My cousin/best friend who is expecting a baby next month was renting a cabin for her husband's birthday so we thought we'd come share the fun a little while since Tahoe is about an hour from here. Five hours into the drive as snow tumbled from an ink-black sky and red-tailights shone along the white road and we sat dead-stopped 5.8 miles from our destination, I catalogued what we had in the car. Blankets, check, food. . . do rice-krispie treats count?

When Anika asked, Are we going to be here all night? it didn't seem like a far-fetched question anymore. After all, we drove past Donner Lake, site of a terrible winter tragedy.  But I didn't tell Anika that story.

We made it through in the end.  And the cabin had ten feet of snow around it.  Luckily they had dug a canyon to the front door by the time we arrived.  We visited with cousins and celebrated our crazy day.  We stayed Saturday night, too, because getting on the roads again sounded like too much adventure for two days.  We didn't leave the cabin once.  The snow was soft enough that I didn't worry about slipping and hurting myself too much.  But I sure will never live where it's really snowy.  Too much work :)

Luckily by Sunday, the roads were dry, the sky blue with fluffy clouds, and the adventure left us with happy memories.

We made leprechauns on Saturday with Anika, Theo, and Ian.  Fun!

Snowball fight!

Giant icicles!

Pubit Adventures

Friday Family Celebration