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Week Three Photos for 2013

Week Three Photos for 2013


Our internet was down for a couple of days this week, so I am especially late posting this collection. Week three we met friends at the mall, drove to the snow, and played at home.

Beautiful views and I love how Anika chose a skirt and leggings even for the snow :). We knew the snow would be frozen solid so we didn't encourage play-gear, but still. My stylish girl :)

Lots of faces in this photo. Tiger didn't mind the big hug- he didn't even leave when Ian let go. We have Gandalf in the background and Justin Beiber on her shirt. :)

I sewed a fairy hat for a custom fairy that I am way, way overdue to finish. Still, letting my creative energy recharge is important. I love this hat! The blue was my sky and water, the green became a meadow, and the leaf and stars are shining. Oh, and the pearl bead with the bell became the moon.

Ian took a 5:15 nap. I could not wake him. Bedtime was not fun that evening. Then I could not get him to go to sleep. Ack!

Tiger follows me all around the house. In the kitchen, he watches me with this very expectant expression. Pet me. Pet me now. Then give me treats. He knows what he likes :)

We set up the tent and the Fire became a mini-tv between books. Yes, Anika has a Beiber blanket. A gift from Christmas. She loves it. And I love her :)

A favorite Ian expression. What the ...? His personality is coming out strong and silly these days :)


A lovely week together. Wishing you quiet, wonderful moments today :)

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Life Needs Living

Life Needs Living