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Victorian Christmas Night 2

The rain dripped on us and our felt owls and fairies.  The streets reflected Christmas lights in the slick.  A few people were brave.  Not too many, but enough to keep the night interesting.  Not a big money-maker, for sure, but there was an adventure in huddling in our tent with hot chocolate.  Our nice neighbors lent us a tarp for the back of the pavilion, and that helped a lot.  Luckily, it wasn't as cold as the week before.  A lot less people, though. Still, through word of mouth around town, we've almost broken even.  That's expenses, not time.  I got to wondering about people that do this professionally, following faires and festivals, a traveling, and yet always the same thing lifestyle.  I mean, we're there for fun, and a dreary night doesn't affect us that much.  But what if this was our livelihood?  Hats off to the professional artists and crafters out there.  It isn't easy.

I got to bring a new pattern last night.  Mom watched Ian for a few hours on Tuesday so I worked in a frenzy to get the fairy pattern together.  I took photos for each direction.  A lot of quick work, but it turned out well.  I'll get it on Etsy soon.

The night just got very busy- little emergencies around here.  Nothing serious, but no computer time for Mama :)


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