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Very Merry Christmas

I had big plans for Christmas posts, all about the meaning of the holidays and family. Little reports about big presents. Menus and quotes.

Then, time happens. One day falls into another. I have hundreds, hundreds of photos to edit and organize. Rooms to clean. Mess is everywhere. How did that happen? Ruins of fairy-making and present-wrapping, almost-baking (cookie cutters out without the cookies being made :)- oh, the Things I Drop :)).

So the images will find their way here in drips and dribbles. Because my goal this holiday was to celebrate without stress. Thus, no stess to bake with a two-year-old that loves appiliances like a blender, or hot ovens that he is now strong enough to open. I know, there's a child-lock for that, but it would probably lock me out, too :). I'm not strong enough for most child-locks.

Bath-time over. Bed-time begins. The next adventure :)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium