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Vegas, Baby!

After a short stop at Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA, where we met some interesting aliens:

We only freaked Ian out a little bit :)

The drive was easy and we have an awesome room at Bally's with a view of the Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains.  Quite a spectacle.

I am amazed by this town, at once a riot of color and sound (we sure feel like small town folk here) while also having beautiful surprises tucked between the slot machines and gaming tables.  Like this ceiling in Bally's

We're going to have an adventure here all right.  So many funny moments already.  Like the gentleman who wanted to sell us free tickets to shows and helicopter rides until, wait, how old is your little guy?  Oh, nevermind.

And the lady on the elevator with a hlaf-naked tattoo on her calf that was perfectly eye level for Ian in his stroller.  His quizical looks and her great attitude when she noticed.

Fun stuff.  At the same time, this will be a challenging trip.  Everything is so far apart.  Ramps and access areas are not consistently marked.  I'm wore out already :).  I'll be okay, though, because Ian will sleep better tonight so I will sleep better tonight.  More adventures tomorrow!

Vegas Day 2

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