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Valentine Sweet and Sickly

I have photos waiting to post. Drafts waiting for polish. A zombie story waiting for writing-life (or un-life, or after-life? :)) Keep waiting. My world is the couch with an occasional trip for more orange juice in the kitchen. I'm not sick this time- thanks goodness. Ian has a cough and fever. He's in good spirits, but he needs serious downtime. And he does not like to be 'by himself'.

And I have medicine drama, as I was running out of samples, then insurance wouldn't fill a prescription, so we tried something else. And that something else spun me out for three days before I quit. I know some medicines take time, but I had a bad feeling about it all and I trust my instincts. So I'm full circle back to 'as needed' medicine. Which ends up being every day, but still... I'm going to call to see if there might be a pain specialist anywhere near here. I'm sensitive to many medicines- lots of side effects. Not sure why. The quest for relief continues.

My sick boy is holding one arm for comfort while my girl shows off her Valentine's loot from school. Today reminds me about the bonds of families and friends, the enduring forces that bring us together. I wish you a day of togetherness :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


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