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Vacation Highlights: Miniature Golf

20120721-154346.jpg Let's play! The course is short and simple, but no one cares. We start organized, but Ian plays his own way, of course. He hits the ball fierce and strong. Either it bounces fast towards the hole, or he skips to his next strategy.


Throw the ball!

He turns mini-golf into a race. Anika was happy to play with Dad.

Gusty winds kick up shortly after lunch time. They blow up off of the lake and moan around the hotel corners. Ian picked his own comfy-warm outfits. He likes checkers (plaid). He happily taught me the tricks of the trade.

The ball goes here.

Ian and Anika invented another game for the first hole. They were supposed to hit the ball though an obstacle at the top of the stairs so it would travel down a pipe and drop onto the lower section of the course. Instead of that plan, they decided it would be better to catch the ball as it dropped out of the tube.


My non-traditional children.


Golf moved onto the play structure.

Anika discovered that she could hit the ball up one slide so fast that it skittered through a tunnel and tumbled down the slide on the opposite end of the play structure. Cool trick! Ian tried with less success.


Play changes again. This time they become sleepy bears.

Night-night until tomorrow's new mini-golf adventures...

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