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Again.20120921-215804.jpgAnd I messed up my ankle with too much activity. The physical therapists were not happy. One joked that I needed a leash to slow me down :) I taught my Kindergarten/First Grade yesterday and today. We had pirate themed activities for Talk like a Pirate Day. Fun and busy.

And my husband was notified that unemployment benefits have run out. I am now the only income in our family. Slow down?

If only I could slow down.

I have very good reasons to be lazy and do nothing. And yet I stay busier than ever. *sigh* I am not a good patient :)

But I met someone with a Talus Contusion (bone bruise) in the office and she sympathized. She said it takes forever to heal. So, how close am I to forever?

One day closer, one day closer, one day at a time. :)

I must believe...

Living with CMT, Day ????

Living with CMT, Day 14,688