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Troubled Economy Lands in our Home

So February has been rough around here.  My husband most likely has three days left to work.  He works at our local county government, networking computers and backing up files like . . . all the government stuff.  California is in a terrible budget crisis so the budget-crunchers (whoever they are) decided to cut workers from the county.  They are imposing the bump-down strategy.  Everyone is offered the position below them on the seniority ladder (although . . . who does the work at the top?).  Anyway, the bottom rung is bumped off the ladder. About a year ago, he got pormoted to a new department.  No one told him he lost his senority and he risked everything to make the move.

Nope, only now do they pull convoluted Memorandum of Understanding rules that say he has no right to previously held positions.

All month, I keep waiting for the news to change.  Someone to leave.  New funding allocation.  Something.


And the scary part is we have our of our health benefits through him.  I work part time, on disability, and have nothing.  We are . . . on a rough road.

Hopefully I'll have better news in the next few days.  But time, as they say, is running out.  And the stress around here is unbelievable.  Deep breath.  One day at a time.  As ever :)

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