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This Path

This path has no signs This path is so less-traveled-by that it's overgrown

No one has tread this ground

No one has the answers

No one knows what lies around the curve in this path

this path that is alone.  Quiet.

This path takes great strength.



This path will change you.  Tame you.

Tear at you with brambles and surprise you

with unexpected blossoms of beauty, love, family and grace.

This path knows darkness.

This path twists underfoot.

Do not ask for directions.

Do not ask for destinations.

Do not ask.

Walk. Step. Roll.

One day at a time.

One decision one moment one breath at a time.

This path is your path

your path alone your gift and your discovery and you will make it

desolate or you will make of it

a garden

for those new on the journey

treading their first moments

catching their first glimpse of

this path

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