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20120806-233319.jpg The tides are changing. The views from this island are fading. Tomorrow we bring Pumpkin the bunny to the county fair. And preparing for the school year begins on Wednesday. And the, oh, yes, this busted-up ankle. Statistics for that:

Days since injury: 2 weeks, 4 days Doctor visits: 4 Prognosis: Unknown Doctor orders: Keep it elevated

Now, with the tides changing, with the waves crashing ahead, I cannot keep my foot constantly elevated. I've been good, letting the world flow on past. And I even find opportunity in my stillness. I caught this photo of Tiger on the windowsill above my head.


I am very good a out resting. And my ankle is slowly, so slowly, starting to feel a little better. This morning I was restless. Restless felt good. After all, last week I was so empty from healing, I didn't want to go anywhere. I figured an hour would be good for our entire family. Our big adventure was searching for supplies and ideas for Pumpkin's costume contest at the fair. Anika has big ideas, and big plans. Just wait! And we needed kitty litter, which the kids turned into an adventure.


Ian chooses his own clothes these days. His distinctive style makes me smile. Dinosaurs and sharks are way cool together, Mom. I can't believe that his birthday is in two weeks! Little boy growing.

My ankle felt okay so we treated ourselves to Thai afterwards. The building has a cool cement feature wall of circles. Perfect for funky-photos :)


Ian tried to eat ice with a fork. With mixed results.

A good outing and a good test since tomorrow we have bunny judging at the fair. And my MRI in the afternoon. We don't expect to understand the results, but maybe the tech will give me a clue. My new hope is that the actual injury isn't so major. The actual injury could be fairly routine. And my circulation issues and my body's slow healing have exaggerated the severity. Maybe CMT made the timeline stretch for things like crutches and casts. But a few more weeks of immobilizing will get me back on track, right?

I can hope. Because I struggle with school starting under the best circumstances. This is going to be a huge challenge for me, I'm already a bit frazzled emotionally and mentally, trying to keep myself from sinking into depression. But then again, distractions may help. I won't have a typical school day for a couple weeks, still. Next week the kids all go home at 12:40.

I don't know how I will manage. But I will. Because I must. :)

We are stronger than we know, stronger than we thought possible. Tides do not wait. And we can sink to the depths, or ride the waves.

Here I go, ready to ride the waves. Ready, set...

Enjoy your day!

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