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Thinking Crafty

So I've been researching learning styles.  I learned about different styles of thinking.  We have narrative thinking, where we talk ourselves through the day in our heads.  This is the more traditional style.  Then I read about visual thinking, where people 'see' images, often images of inventions or new ideas, completed.  These people build or invent or create based on visual imagery instead of narrative-imagining.  They may have more challenges with traditional learning, but they are also incredibly creative and innovative. Wow, wouldn't that be something? I thought.  I tend to narrate through my day :).  I wonder what that is like, to 'see' things . . .

Then I woke up last weekend and sewed Anika this skirt.  In one day.  No pattern.  No instructions.  No internet-search for ideas.

Peace Ruffle Skirt

I 'saw' it.  I knew how to make it, not because of narrated instructions, but because I saw it step by step in my head.

I can think in pictures!  Hurrah!

And, yes, I did have challenges at school with times-tables, spelling, etc.  I was a fluent reader when I was four years old, but any rote-memorizing was a huge obstacle.  I'm still terrible with names and street names and spelling (thank goodness for spell-check).  Perhaps I am more interesting than I thought :)

Self Portrait

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