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Results from the CT scan are in.  Good news.  Looks like a cyst on the spleen, which isn't great news, of course.  But the doctor said it's a "benign nuisance".  So tomorrow I talk to gastrointestinal doctors about how to get the cyst removed (hopefully something simple).  Worst case, they have to remove the spleen and I'll be very sensitive to infections for the rest of my life.  I hope we don't have to go there, I hope they can remove the cyst with little effort.  My blood levels should return to normal and everything should be fine. It raised a lot of questions for me, like "how long has it been there?" "How has it affected me?"  (besides this four-week cold which I cannot kick) and "What next?"  (not thinking about that question very much :))

It is a lesson, though, to go for that yearly physical, because that's what flagged the symptoms.  I kept blaming everything on the CMT- exhaustion, inability to fight infections, colorful bruising, etc.  And maybe it isn't CMT, maybe it is, but regardless, it showed me again that taking care of general health is just as important as caring for specialized needs.  That's why I'm sharing the news here on the blog.  Believe me, I thought about keeping this private because it just sounds so odd, but if I encourage one person to make a doctor appointment, it's worth a little bravery on my part :).

As far as we know, this has nothing to do with CMT.  A different puzzle.

I'll keep you all posted.  Thanks for the well-wishes!

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