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The World Changes, One Perspective at a Time

The other day as we were tucking into bed, my girl said, "You know, Mom, I understand kids with challenges. I understand how they are. I get confused sometimes. And I know I shouldn't be confused. I know it's not that hard. But I can't help it."

And my heart cracked. She has Auditory Processing Disorder and she works very hard decoding words. Reading is an arduous journey. My mind spun for an appropriate answer as she looked my way and smiled.

"But that's okay," she said. "I'm okay with that. We're all different. We all think different. And other kids have a hard time with other stuff. And we all have our gifts, too. Everyone has gifts. We just enjoy what we are."

My heart cracked again for a very different reason. I am so proud of her. So excited to see the world through her eyes. Where opportunity means more than limitations. Sweep away the negativity. Sweep away the shame and disappointment. Celebrate today. Celebrate now.

Here is a classic gift from Anika. She made this for my classroom. Later that night, she was reading and saw the word 'new'. We sounded it out together. 'Wait,' she said. 'Is that really how you spell it? Because then I did it wrong."

Not wrong. Just right. Happy Now Year :)


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