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The Road Less Traveled

So Gio and I have been talking about the next wave of communication, changing world with social networking and the Kindle and tech advances.  And I thought, what if I step off of the path, the traditional path to agent to publisher.  What if the energy that I put into query letters and researching markets, I put into new publishing? Curious . . .

Perhaps I will be the ambassador for a new road, a new mountain.  Sure a lot to think about.  The traditional route brings validation, and legitimacy to a book.  Being 'self published' has a cloud of evasion, not as worthy as a conventionally published book.  At the same time, the direct to readers route has power and immediacy.

Oh, and I'm thinking of a serial story, bring back the weekly written drama.  Monday mornings need a little diversionary fiction.

Inspiration gives me energy :)

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