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Here we go.  The season begins early this year.  I had my routine physical this morning.  After all, even though I pay close attention to my nerve-health, I easily forget everything else.  So I try to be good about preventative care.  It's been a couple of years, though :) I had a blood-draw last week and I figured it might be a little wonky because of the antibiotics and extra sinus medication, etc.  And sure enough, the liver panel was elevated, not dangerously high, but still above normal.  And the white blood cell and platelet count was low.  And I'm still congested.  Wheezy and sniffly.  So another round of antibiotics for me.

Then my doctor's routine check found that my spleen is larger than it should be.  The spleen helps the blood filter toxins, and it can go haywaire and start filtering healthy stuff, too, like white blood cells and platelets (thus, the low levels).  Could be a reaction to the sickness I've been fighting for three weeks now.  Could be a lot of things.  So CT scan on Wednesday.

More questions, more drama, and more worries about this year.  When Anika was Ian's age, I had my big crash with arthritis and numb fingers.  I don't want more crashing.  So I'm trying to be so careful and good about my choices.

And yet, yet I have a degenerative condition.  And it shouldn't affect immunity and blood and liver, but I know that stress brings on asthma and other auto-immune reactions for me.  So it could be connected- not in a scientific sense, but in how my body works in the world.  For me, stress triggers allergies.  In 1999 I ended up in the hospital with hives so dramatic they ran a ton of kidney tests, thinking there was no way that a plain food allergy could trigger that sort of reaction.  Nothing wrong with my kidneys.  Just a food sensitivity.  Tree nuts.  I didn't know it at the time.  The late night salty snack seemed like a great idea until early the next morning.

In one summer, I went from rare allergies to anaphylactic shock levels.  I don't have that level of sensitivity anymore, but I still get itchy hands if someone gives me lotion with almond oil in it.

Well, I did take those crashes and integrate them into my life.  I don't miss tree nuts.  I do get to eat peanuts (grows in the ground).  I deal with the arthritis and numbness.  Life goes on.  And that's a good thing.

This could easily be a temporary reality check.  Yes, I really do need those hours of downtime.  Really.  It will probably be a blip along the road.  Or it may take adjusting.  Whatever happens, I can handle it.  I hope :)

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