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The Life that I Forgot

Four years ago I 'retired' from full-time teaching.  Complications from CMT (my neuropathy) made the five days of high activity impossible.  I now teach two days a week, which is a good fit.  This week is the first week of school.  Kids walk through the door tomorrow.  Bright shiny first grade and kindergarten angels ready for adventures! So this week has two days of inservice, then three days of official school where my co-teacher and I work together to establish community with the kids.

I love being back around the families and children.  Getting the whole creative community going again.  But phew, five days is rough!  My system is in mild shock and it's Tuesday.  I have a 9pm bedtime and I am ignoring lots of chores.  Still . . . going to be quite a week.

Off to start bedtime routines with my own little angels.  The fun never stops :)

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