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Once upon a time, parties meant fun and games and clean up. Now they require recovery. And not from overindulgence. No, I hardly drink anymore, because the day-after crash is tough-enough without adding a hangover to the mix. Besides, this year Ian was learning swimming. He was in the pool all day long (and night, too!). And I stayed right with him unless I asked someone to watch while I took a break. It didn't feel major, standing in the water, catching his glides, supporting his return glide to the step. But, yikes, am I sore today!

The party was epic-fun. Family drove from all over the state to swim.


We decorated :)


Watch Pinterest for this inspiring patio :). Decorating magazines will be clamoring for the How-To article :).

Fun and wild and we laughed until our sides hurt :)

Giovanni barbecued a feast of meats and veggies. I felt truly spoiled by all the good-wishes. My family gives me strength, support, laughter, and overflowing love. I am so so blessed.

I hold onto that today. As I ache and stumble and drop things. I am not an easy road. At the same time, I wouldn't trade these after-party memories for a hundred easy roads.

A happy birthday indeed :)


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