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I am thankful. I am thankful for the usual stuff. Life. Love. Laughter.20121122-090015.jpgBut this year I am also thankful for darkness. I am thankful for differences in us, our opinions and ideas. I am even thankful for CMT*. Not that I wouldn't love a cure in a heartbeat. But CMT has changed me. CMT has taught me humility and empathy. CMT shows me, every single day, that this wild wonderful life will not last forever. CMT forces me to be less concerned with fashion and appearances, and more invested in experiences. Yes, I wear sneakers with skirts. I show my braces (which I need to wear more often). I wore Crocs to Disneyland. They were comfortable! CMT tries to teach me to measure success by different standards. How I feel needs to be more important than what I do. CMT wants me to leave unfinished tasks unfinished. CMT wants me to slow down. And, when I listen, when I sit and breathe deep, I notice beautiful moments. Beautiful skies and leaves and people. 20121122-091106.jpgCMT helped me discover photography. Many times, I sit while family and friends go hike or explore an event or stand in line for a ride. And, busy-mind-me, wondered how I could entertain myself. The world looks different when you look deeply. 20121122-091607.jpgMany of my photos are from a sitting-down perspective. Or crooked horizon because I am always tippy :) but that's fine. That's who I am. And CMT has opened another door for which I am forever grateful. My creativity and CMT are strongly woven together. I didn't walk until 18 months. As a child, I spent many a dreamy-recess instead of playing tag or chase. And once I could read! How I loved the library!

Many athletes talk about flow or the zone. For me, creativity allows me to go in the zone. Since I cannot get the same feeling from physical activity, I love my creative activities.20121122-092214.jpgI wouldn't trade this magic for the world. I am thankful for who I am, for how I see loveliness, for my friendships.

And CMT has given me time with my children. Thanks to my forced retirement six years ago, I now work part time. I am more likely to sit and play Minecraft or draw with them then complete a thousand chores. The time with them is a treasure. And, without CMT, I would have been working full time all of these years. Probably the house would be neater. But their stories would be very different. I am here for them. And that is awesome.20121122-094513.jpgAnd, oh, CMT has brought me here. CMT has introduced me to strong, funny, awesome people. CMT has opened the door to the dynamic disability community. Instead of fearing differences, I now see them as sources of strength. CMT brought me to you. And, for that, I am forever grateful. :) I won't talk about pain or fatigue or frustration today. And, again, I would love a cure. But I also want to slow down and appreciate the whole of life today. Light and darkness, sun and moon, sweetness and struggle. I hope this holiday finds you healthy and surrounded by love! Sending my own good wishes to your celebration! We're in this together :)20121122-093055.jpgPS- I have cool Black Friday deals to share later today! We can enjoy the fun without leaving home, finding parking, or standing in long lines. Hurrah!

*If this is your first visit to Lenkaland, CMT means Charcot Marie Tooth disease, or Hereditary Neuropathy. CMT is genetic. It causes nerve damage that gets worse over time. There is no treatment beyond a healthy lifestyle. There is no cure. CMT affects about 1 in 2500 people. My About Me and CMT pages share a lot more information. Life with CMT is quite a journey!

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