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Happy Thanksgiving!  I appreciate all of you so much for visiting here and writing comments and becoming my friends.  I am so lucky :)

Now, to share our Thanksgiving :)

Chlebicky, our family's tradition of little Czech sandwiches for appetizers.

Writing leaves for our thankful tree.  More on the tree is posted here.  Thankful leaves included, Thankful for Life, My Mommy, and Fire.  Fire was Ian's choice.

My mom finished her quilted pillows.  They were all gorgeous.  This was my favorite.  Wow, fabric artist :)

Deda played the guitar so the girls could dance and spin.  Ian tackled.  Of course.

Until he noticed the turkey coming out of the oven.  Oh, the anticipation . . .

The girls played while waiting.

Ian decided the wait patiently :)

Then go to the table first. He doesn't want to lose his seat!  Deda checked on him.

Yum!  My brother is the hero for carving the turkey.

Deda checked on the kitchen progress- a big help :)

My dad with the Clock Project, which he bought in 1985 and plans to finish by Christmas :)  He made the stand himself to model what the final stand should look like, but now he's warming up to the rustic one he made himself :)

Toasting to family and life and the future!

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