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Surprise! Adventures in Monterey

When life invites me to dance, I dance.

As best I can, of course. :)

Or I make it possible for others to dance.

Anika dances with the ocean.

We gave Monika a ride back to her family.  I thought we'd be in Monterey a day at the most.  But it just so happened that a family friend was off on vacation, and she had a little dog that would be lonely, and would we like to housesit?

I had to rearrange a few things, but the extra days were awesome.  I'll be writing more about our adventures.  I have a couple 100 pictures to share :).

For now we're home again.  Ian has his Pirate Lego again.  And he shouts "Play me" every few minutes.  Again.

All sorts of invitations to dance.  Tonight, with pirates :)

Forest Fairy

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