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Kids are giggling in the bath.  I bet the floor will be puddled with water but I don't care.  We all need laughter. No new drama.  Tired after a fun weekend.  We went with Mom to the Auburn Quilt Show (about twenty minutes drive).  Beautiful artwork.  And I call quilts art.  The medium is fabric.  The concepts of color, composition, and a brave artistic leap of faith and time all go into each piece.  It was inspiring.  We learned a few tricks for applique.  I don't quilt myself (yet) but my mom is a fantastic quilter.  I've long thought of her as a secret-artist because she would never own up to the title but the stuff she creates is amazing!

Ian has noticed how we say uh-huh and nuh-uh while nodding or shaking his head.  He practices both with deliberate mimicry, and his attention to the details with his careful inflections are hilarious.  I will try to catch him on camera.

I'm visualizing a lot.  I picture a rewarding, lucrative job for my husband (with benefits).  I picture 'discovery' for one of my creative outlets that will finance my health-care.  I visualize pain-free days and stress-free evenings.

I'll let you know how it goes.  I started watching "The Secret" and I know the concept.  I saw "What the Bleep?" years ago.  Quantum physics, where our mind creates our reality.  And I see how we can create our world, we create how we perceive our world.  But a great divide opens up for me around the concept when it comes to disability.  There is a lot of responsibility in saying we thought this reality into being.  I don't believe that.  How could I shape my genetics before I was even born?

We have power.  And we have surrender.  And we need both.

Time to tuck the kiddos in again.  More musing soon :)

My Daughter, Learning to Learn

My Daughter, Learning to Learn

Flower Fairies!