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Starting Line Excitement

It's exciting here, at the beginning. I have a fun project in the mail. Super easy. I discovered that Blurb is making Instagram books thanks to Mooshinindy. She had a great offer that has, unfortunately, expired (sorry!). I found out about it last minute. I made a Blurb book years ago for Anika when reading was frustrating. It's still a favorite in our home. This was a fun new concept, though. It sorts Instagram photos into an easy book. I am like so many digital families these days, with loads of photos in cyberspace. And very few that the kids can hold and touch.

I am excited for our creation to arrive in a few days. I will let you know how it turns out!

And Anika brought home her new adventure.


She gets to learn the fiddle at school. She is borrowing the instrument and it is her big inspiration. She already knows notes and she spent ages composing songs that she plays for me. They sound like spooky movie soundtracks. But I've never heard such beautiful music. I love seeing her throw herself into this grand discovery. She is so excited!

And Ian? We are rediscovering play together. The past month, with my hurt foot, we have spent a lot of time playing xBox and watching Pingu the Penguin. The free ride switches tracks now. I am fine with electronic entertainment, but I also believe in balance. We played today. And he is stretching his creative imagination again.

Our game featured car accidents and calling for the tow truck.


This will be a fun year together. His last year before starting kindergarten next fall. Time is precious.

As for me, my downshifting is paying off. My ankle is angry. But I'm not so overcast. I am finding more energy. Part of the plan is early bedtimes, though, so I better sign off.

Wishing you good beginnings!

Living with CMT, Day 14,673