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S.O.A.P. and Viral Media INK

S.O.A.P. and Viral Media INK

Good ideas are worth sharing! The S.O.A.P. Store in Nevada City inspired us with a unique vision to offer quality products while helping save the planet. The Viral Media INK team knew that this would be an incredibly inspired project. 

SOAP by Viral Media INK

Lori, the owner of S.O.A.P., is actively looking for ways to help our planet thrive. She is genuinely invested in the community and helping the world. Hurrah!

She recently expanded the store to include a neighboring property. She spent a lot of time creating the new space. To help her celebrate, we created the stop motion animation film above. We also filmed a Behind-The-Scenes video (below).

Along the way, we captured moments. Our gorgeous model is a perfect earth goddess!

As a team, we create an environment that celebrates creativity and fun. It's important for everyone to feel comfortable. 

My favorite thing is at the end of the shoot, when we're all relieved, all the hard work has become art, and the model sees the final result in the mirror... It's so rewarding. 

Our Behind-The-Scenes movie shares Lori's vision for her store. I also enjoy seeing Alison painting- she'd magical!

Did you know that we can feature your business and/or brand no matter where you are located in the world? We research and collaborate, then create a project that reflects your unique vision. Being your story to life with Viral Media INK.

Viral Media INK is dedicated to sharing your story. We are Alison Kenyon, Skin Wars finalist, and Lenka and Giovanni Paredes of Lenkaland Photography. We bring art and technology together to give you viral imagery that will make a splash short-term, and draw new clients to your brand long-term. Our movies and images make your story shine!

Rentals from Tin Roof Farmhouse and Roots Reclaimed. Our model is Caroline Patterson. Filmed at The Studio Collective in Grass Valley.

Living with CMT, Day Forever

Living with CMT, Day Forever

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